Centrance MixerFace R4, mobile hi-end recording interface

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2 Neutrik™ Combo inputs (XLR, 6.35mm jack)

Accepts microphones, line level sources, and Hi-Z instruments (guitar/bass)

High pass filter and impedance (Hi-Z) switches per channel

Ultra low-noise boutique mic preamps

48V phantom power

Signal and peak LEDs per channel

Adjustable Stereo aux input (3.5mm jack)

Audiophile digital converters (24-bit/192kHz)

Monitor blend control (input/USB) per channel

Balanced monitor output (two 3.5mm TRS jacks)

Loud Hi-Fi headphone amplifier with 3.5 mm stereo output

Monitor volume control and mono switch

Stereo aux output (3.5mm jack) with level switch (HI/LO)

„LO“ allows direct connection to a DSLR camera mic input

Hi-capacity Li-Po battery (up to 8 hours), charge indicator LEDs

2 separate Micro USB jacks (audio/charging)

Compatible with Mac, PC, iOS® and Android® devices

Durable, scratch-protected, anodized black aluminium housing

Carry pouch and USB cable included

Dimensions (WTH): 70 x 121 x 36mm

Weight: 260 g

Review: https://emusician.com/gear/review-centrance-mixerface-r4

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