Lindell Audio LiN76

Decades of Dynamics Processing.

The LiN 76 has been carefully designed to recreate the timbres of nuances of vintage-era ‘76-style FET compressors.

The most classic and respected sounds of dynamic processors live on in the LiN 76, as well as the infamous “all-button” mode made famous by British recording engineers throughout the 1970’s — a sound that’s still popular today.
The Lindell LiN 76: instant vibe for today’s demanding studios.

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Suggested street price: 559,00 euro.

Attack: Continuously variable 20uS to 800uS
Release: Continuously variable 50mS to 1200mS
Ratio: Pushbutton selected 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1 and any combination
Voltage: 12VAC
AC Mains Input: 100V-240V depending on supplied
Dimensions: Width 438mm (19”), Height 88mm (2U), Depth 250mm
Weight: 8kg