Presonus Studio One V2.6

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The Big Six in 2.6

StudioLive/Capture mix scene import*

  • When a Capture 2.1 session is opened in Studio One 2.6, and a StudioLive AI-series mix scene is present, all the fader, pan, mute and Fat Channel settings for each track are automatically imported

Native Fat Channel plug-in*

  • A new Fat Channel plug-in has been added, which is a native version of the StudioLive AI-series mixer Fat Channel. Fat Channel presets are compatible with their DSP counterparts and can be exported from Studio One to the StudioLive AI mixer via Universal Control.

Nimbit dashboard on Start page*

  • The Nimbit dashboard on the Start page provides access to up-to-date Nimbit user account statistics (number of fans, number of active promotions, and sales) directly from Studio One. In addition, the user receives help messages on how to engage with fans and customers and boost sales.

SoundCloud dashboard on Start page*

  • The SoundCloud dashboard on the Start page displays key statistics from a user’s SoundCloud account, as well as a scrolling display of the SoundCloud activity stream.

Extended hardware controller support

  • Extended Mackie Control / HUI integration includes Send slot navigation, Sends support, Control Link mapping, momentary Mute/Solo, Track Edit mode, FX Bypass mode (EQ Button), add insert/send/instrument, plug-in/instrument list and preset list navigation, and more.
  • SSL Nucleus integration uses Mackie Control protocol. SSL Nucleus has a Studio One template with additional settings and assignments.

Metronome enhancements

  • Option to record with a precount click.
  • Visual numerical count-in when you hit the Record button.
  • Half-beat offset click with adjustable volume and click sample.
  • Repeat Accent: Repeats accent on time signatures with a third counter.
  • Added eight new metronome click samples.
  • Add custom click samples, with drag-and-drop and menu options.
  • Audio track with rendered click sound.
  • Click Presets: All metronome settings, including click sounds, can be saved as a preset.
* Not available in Studio One Free.

And much more!

Project Page/CD Burning (Studio One Professional only)

  • CD time display shows the current CD length of your project.
  • Improved ISRC text input: Characters are now converted to upper case; invalid or missing characters are replaced by zero (0).
  • Transport bar shows relative song position.

Workflow improvements

  • Keeps the spacebar focus on Studio One when a plug-in window is open. This allows transport Start/Stop control, even when plug-in window is in focus.
  • When the user declines to load a found Auto-Save file, the action is now always copied to the history, without asking “Do you want to keep the backup as a version?”
  • When choosing “Upload to Nimbit” as a publishing option, the format is automatically set to “Wave File.”
  • Use aftertouch for note-repeat velocity: Allows the creation of velocity ramps when using note repeat for recording (e.g., for drums).
  • MIDI options: pitch filter globally filters Pitch Bend information from MIDI input.
  • 384 kHz recordings can now be exported if the format supports it (currently WAV/AIFF/FLAC only).
  • Better handling of floating windows when switching applications. (Mac OS X)
  • New “Bounce to New Track” function generates a new audio track with merged audio and rendered insert effects. Default key command: Command+Alt+B.
  • Event FX are now applied to all selected events.
  • CC11 (Expression) resets to 100. Improved Expression controller reset behavior. Expression behaves like volume.
  • “Layer follows Events” option now defaults to “On.” Frequently requested by users.
  • Channel Editor remembers and uses the most recently opened device for:
  • Command “Show Channel Editor” (F11)
  • Option “Device Editor follows Channel Selection.”
  • Drag-and-drop for FX Chains to Send slots. Once an FX Channel is created, the FX chain name is used as the channel name.
  • Grouping improvements:
  • Removing a track from a group deselects the track.
  • Dissolving a group deselects all but the first tracks of the group.
  • A new Link button has been added to the Strip Silence panel, allowing the user to link the fade-in and fade-out times to Pre-Roll and Post-Roll.


  • Improved merging of instrument parts. After merging instrument parts, the newly created event is selected.
  • Option to remove stretching from a part. When slicing an audio event into a part (Audio Bend Panel, Action: Slice with option Merge), the “Stretch events” property of the resulting part is now always unchecked, so that the slices in the part are not stretched.
  • “Select from Start to Event” – “Select from Event to End” options added to Edit menu. Key commands: Shift+End, Shift+Start.
  • New options in instrument editor for painting notes with user-definable length, independent from the grid.
  • Enhanced tempo resolution. Song tempo and tempo changes are now accurate to 1/10,000th of a beat.

MIDI engine

  • Improved MIDI timing when looping back MIDI data from plug-ins or instruments. Improves timing behavior of instruments or plug-ins with MIDI apreggiators or step sequencers.
  • Adjustable rate for MIDI controller automation. External MIDI devices now have an adjustable MIDI CC transmit rate (range: 10-100 ms). A slider has been added to the device edit panel. Default is 10 ms (fast).


  • Dynamic resizing of Start page items. Specific items on the Start page are automatically resized if sufficient screen space is available.
  • Time display offset for frames. Allows for frame-accurate display offsets in the ruler and time display.
  • The Performance Monitor window now displays plug-ins and instruments with their correct on/off state. Double click opens the device.

Universal Acoustics Comes on Board

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Universal Acoustics offer a wide range of products including speaker isolating Vibro-Pads, Solar System kits, absorption tiles, diffuser tiles and bass traps. They also supply specialised glue formulated to give great adhesion to walls, whilst leaving the foam undamaged.

Cut in striking contemporary designs from high density flame retardant polyester foam. Perfect for use in recording and broadcast studios, music rehearsal rooms, audio and language labs, boardrooms, offices, staff rooms, gymnasiums and any open spaces that require efficient sound absorption to improve the audio integrity and intelligibility plus the performance and dynamics of the room.

UA’s sales director Paul Eastwood comments on the new collaboration:

“With a growing roster of carefully selected prestigious brands including Presonus, Echo Audio, Hosa, Waldorf, 2Box Drums, DJ Tech, Crane stand and Sontronics microphones we are absolutely delighted that Hyperactive have chosen to represent Universal Acoustics throughout Benelux.”

Vladimir Kastelan, CEO of Hyperactive Benelux states:

“I’ve always viewed Universal Acoustics as the perfect brand for acoustic room treatment and am extremely pleased to finally be able to offer our dealers and end customers such a high quality solution. I’ve looked at other brands in the past but was never convinced that such a great product range could be available at such a reasonable price point. Universal Acoustics room treatments provide the perfect blend of technical excellence, great designs and impressive performance, high fire safety specifications and superb value. Following in the steps of our colleagues at Hyperactive-Germany we are looking forward to addressing the discerning needs of our customers ranging from project studios through to broadcast and Post-Pro.”

Waldorf Rocket

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Volledig onverwacht was deze raket lancering, een duidelijke schending van diverse VN-resoluties en de basiswetten van de natuurkunde. In tegenstelling tot conventionele raketten,is deze Rocket vierkant en wordt wereldwijd verkocht in strijd met de Duitse NATO export beperkingen.

Zijn ongelooflijke sound is vetter en luider dan de legendarische Saturn V-motor, en nooit eerder is dit bereikt met zo’n enorme fun factor. De Rocket heeft een analoge multimode VCF met lowpass, bandpass en highpass, een krachtige monofone oscillator sectie met Ultra High Density zaagtand en tot wel 8 oscillatoren in unison voor akkoord weergave. Verder is deze Rocket uitgevoerd met een krachtige Arpeggiator en een alles vernietigend booster circuit. LFO modulatie, Envelopes voor VCA, VCF en Sync, Arpeggiator, USB powered, MIDI I/O, MIDI clock sync, Line-Out 1/4″ TR, Line-In 1/4″ TR, Headphone-Out Eigenlijk is deze Rocket technologisch alle afweer systemen ver vooruit. Okay, nu serieus… De Rocket is een ideale vette synth module die in combinatie met de zeer aantrekkelijke prijs, elke muzikant, producer of sounddesigner zal raken. Hij werkt als een stand-alone instrument of in iedere denkbare omgeving voor muziekproductie. Maar zijn belangrijkste kenmerk is natuurlijk het geluid: een echte Waldorf synthesizer, krachtig, dik, direct en met veel liefde voor het detail. En natuurlijk, deze raket is 100% Made in Germany – With Love! voor slechts eur. 225,-

PreSonus Studio One 2.5 update

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PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Met de komst van Studio One v2.5 worden meer dan 100 nieuwe features en fixes geintroduceerd. Vanaf nu is deze gratis update beschikbaar via de update functie in Studio One of via de website van PreSonus. Lees verder om een volledig overzicht van al het nieuws te krijgen.

Universal Control 1.7

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Universal Control 1.7

On November 19, PreSonus® will release version 1.7 of its Universal Control software. This free update to the company’s control-panel software features a significant expansion of the Rational Acoustics Smaart Measurement Technology™ that is integrated into the Virtual StudioLive™ section of Universal Control. The update will be available for download from In Universal Control 1.6, PreSonus added Smaart Measurement Technology’s Spectra module to its Virtual StudioLive control/editor/librarian software for all StudioLive mixers, which is part of Universal Control. This version gave StudioLive owners access to an RTA and Spectrograph.

With Universal Control 1.7, StudioLive 24.4.2 and 16.4.2 users gain the abilities to easily view the frequency response of a venue, quickly calculate and set delay-system timing, and verify output connectivity. (Note that these additional capabilities are not available for the StudioLive 16.0.2 due to its different architecture.)

To accomplish this, PreSonus has added three Smaart system-check wizards to VSL. To use these tools, you need to connect a measurement microphone to the StudioLive mixer’s Talkback input. A high-end mic is not required; most measurement mics can do the job.

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