Comply Foam SX-100 Small Black 2 pair

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Comply™ Foam: Move Freely

You run. You jump. You cycle and lift. You’re out on the track or running a 100-meter dash. Wherever you are, you’re moving—and you need an earbud that can keep up. Comply Foam is in tune with the needs of any athlete and the music they need to get through their workout. You’re tired of wasting your time plugging your earphones back, and so are we. That’s why we’ve expertly created the ultimate headphone replacement eartip for any athlete who wants their music to keep playing when the sweat starts pouring.

The Ultimate Earphone for the Ultimate Athlete

When the going gets tough in your workout, you need your jams more than ever to pump you up, inspire you, and get you through that last leg of your race, the last lap of your swim or the last set of your lifts. Comply Foam knows the struggle of earbuds that just won’t stay put. The frustration that occurs after you pay a pretty penny for great-sounding earphones, but they can’t stay in place during a workout, is truly unacceptable. Comply Foam’s Sport Tips are here for workout playlist salvation. Our priority is your listening experience. The Sport series of earphone tips is specially designed to stay put even during your most grueling workout. Creating a replacement earphone tip to do that, however, was no easy feat. The founder of Comply Foam is a chronic inventor and local ear canal expert, and he helped develop the first FDA-approved cochlear implant—on this planet. Knowing a thing or two about the ear canal doesn’t hurt when it comes to developing the ideal stay-put sweat-proof earbud for the amateur to professional athlete. Did you know that the shape and opening of the ear canal changes when your jaw opens and closes? Or that it also changes based on your specific weight, age and level of hydration? Did you also know that odds are good that the tough, inflexible earbuds you’re used to don’t account for those factors? Well, now you do. The ever-changing shape of your ear canal, especially as you power through your workout or sporting event, makes it almost impossible for standard, tough silicone earbuds to stay put, especially when sweat gets involved. This is why we’re proud to offer the world’s first memory foam earphone tip that conforms to your dynamic ear canal.

The Science Behind the Sound

Comply Foam’s patented premium earphone tips use viscoelastic memory foam technology to bring you the best sound and fit from your earphones. The silicone rubber tips commonly sold with earphones today just don’t cut it—no matter how high-quality your headphones are. Heat-activated foam creates a quality fit with 100% better gripping capabilities than silicone. Because their design is 10 times thicker than silicone, you’ll also be able to hear your music better than before. Amped up thickness means two times external decibel reduction, which allows you to hear more at a lower volume (your eardrums will thank you). Plus, since Sport Series earbuds are made from a material that’s 30 times softer than silicone, your ears won’t fatigue. You’ll be able to listen comfortably from mile one to 26. Our new and improved Sport Plus (Sx-Series) Tips were specifically designed to comply with your active lifestyle, so what are you waiting for? These earphone tip replacements are specially designed for a heavy workout and sweat session. Breathable memory foam ensure a super secure fit so you can move freely. Our integrated SweatGuard™ not only protects your earphones, but it also keeps moisture, sweat and debris out. Comply Foam’s Sport Series tips are available in four different models: Sport 100, Sport 200, Sport 400 and Sport 500. With specific soundport designs and varying sizes to fit a wide variety of headphones currently in the market, use our Fit Finder to make a match with your dream sport earbuds. You’ll be glad you did.

Compatible Brands for Any Series

Don’t compromise sound quality with shoddy earbud tips. You invested in the best earphone tech for a reason, so why settle for a lesser sound when they come equipped with silicone rubber or plastic tips? Outfit the best earbuds with the best tips. All of Comply’s different series work with top brands, so find your fit today. Series 100: Klipsch, Westone, Shure, Etymotic Research, and Audiofly Series 200: Sony, Atomic Floyd, Monster, Philips Series 400: Audio-Technica, Denon, House of Marley, JVC, LG, Philips, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, V-Moda Series 500: AKG, JBL, Ultimate Ears

Shop Comply Foam, Hear Music like Never Before

Since athletes have been enduring the rigors of poor-fitting earphone tips for years around the globe, it only make sense that Comply Foam offers the best eartips for athletes all around the globe. Our global distribution partners are making sure every athlete, from the weekend warrior to the full-time professional, is outfitted with the finest eartips for working hard and sweating it out. To find out where to grab your own set of Sport series earphone tips in person, check out local retailers near you, or you can always order a variety of earbuds on this site. When it’s finally time for you to break free from difficult earplugs that won’t stay put, cause your ears to ache and simply leak sound to the guy on the treadmill next to you, come to Comply Foam. More than 75 brands of earphones are compatible with our memory foam tips, which means we have the replacement earphone tips you’ve always been looking for Earphones have different soundport nozzle designs and sizes. We have tips to fit them all, based on 4 main models (100, 200, 400,  500 and 600). Use our Fit Finder to see which model is right for your earphone: