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Saramonic SR-Q2M review

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Interface Magazine made a great review of the Saramonic SR-Q2M. The Saramonic SR-Q2m can be used perfect for field recording like demo sessions, spoken words, sampling etc.

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Sarmonic is a brand which focus on compact solutions for camera and vlogging market. Saramonic has a lot products for your difficult recordings on the road or studio. We have found your solutions!

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new Saramonic SR-Q2 recorders

Geschreven door peter op . Geplaatst in Nieuws, Saramonic

These 2 new recorders are used in the field, in a studio. Actually everywhere you need to record without power cord.

We are proud to release the Saramonic SR-Q2 and SR-Q2M.

Check here the full features and price of this Saramonic products

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If you like to record in the field/studio/livingroom without any powercord then this recorders are the one for you. Many of the users are musicians which want to record their demo’s fast. With the build in microphone it is no problem to record on a high quality

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