• Presonus Faderport 8
    On stock!
    549,00 euro (advised streetprice)

    Kill that Mouse!
    FaderPort™ 8: 8-channel Mix
    Production Controller

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  • Studio One V3.5 nu beschikbaar

    Nog uitgebreider, nog inventiever

    Studio One V3.5 is nu beschikbaar. Heel veel nieuwe features die er bij zijn gekomen na V2.6.

    Nieuw in V3.5 Product Info

Win prices from Presonus Oct. 26: Six in Sixty

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A free webcast about new products of Presonus

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Giveaways ;Quantum 2, a copy of Studio One 3 Professional, and a pair of Eris E44 monitors

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is post to Facebook or Twitter with the #PreSonusLive hashtag and the link to the show. Posts in chat rooms are not an eligible form of entry.

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Presonus will stream the show live to Facebook and YouTube, so you can check it out on the platform of your choice:

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