• Presonus ADL 700

    No Compromises
    Our Finest Tube Channel Strip!

    1599,00 euro (advised streetprice)

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  • Audix DP7 drumset
    Nu leverbaar !

    Professional Drum and Percussion Mic Package
    Set of 7 drum mics
    Aluminum Road Case, 1 x i5 Snare Mic, 2 x D2 Rack Tom Mics,
    1 x D4 Floor Tom Mic, 1 x D6 Kick Drum Mic, 2 x ADX51 Overhead Mics,
    4 x DVICE Rim Mounts, 3 x DCLIP Mic Clips, 1 x MC1 Mic Clip,
    2 x WS81C Windscreens

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  • Studio One V3.3 nu beschikbaar

    Nog uitgebreider, nog inventiever

    Studio One V3.3 is nu beschikbaar. Heel veel nieuwe features die er bij zijn gekomen na V2.6.

    Nieuw in V3.3 Product Info

Presonus Studio One V3.3 just released

Geschreven door peter op . Geplaatst in Nieuws, PreSonus

Studio One® 3.3 is the latest version of Studio One and is a free download for registered Studio One 3 customers. This new version adds several of the most frequently user-requested enhancements including faster multi-track drum editing, MIDI editing improvements, new mixing features, and unprecedented integration with the new Notion™ 6 music notation and performance environment. Watch the video to learn more.

New features and improvements
Integration with Notion 6: transfer audio and note data between Studio One and Notion, anywhere on your network
One-click global Effects on/off
Combined On/Off for multiple selected Effects and Instruments
Disable Tracks, Instruments or Plug-ins
New Autofill option for multitrack drum quantization in Slice mode
New video engines replacing QuickTime (Win: Microsoft Media Foundation; OS X: AV Foundation)
Transform tool for note velocity
Performance improvements for Mix Engine FX
1⁄4T added to Quantize grid
Updated MP3 decoder (compatibility improvements)
Improved tape-style monitoring
Copy Track now includes automation
Resizing notes respects initial mouse offset
Note events no longer jump when clicked
Note events no longer played when deleting or lassoing
New crop events and note selection shortcuts in Music Editor
Navigate between channels from plug-in header
Multi Instrument sub outputs now listed in stem export
Mixdown without master effects state now saved
[Studio 192 / Studio 192 Mobile] Direct control of Mute, Dim, Talk and speaker selection from Studio One mixer (requires UC Surface 1.8.1)

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Review PreSonus Studio 192 by Pro Tools Expert

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In this video James Ivey from Pro Tools Expert takes a close look at the PreSonus Studio 192 USB 3.0 audio interface. During a drum recording session James tries the Studio 192s 8 XMAX mic preamps recording a full drum kit and shows off some of the control features of the Studio 192 and the PreSonus Universal Control software application. Take a listen to just how clean the sound of the drums is with no inboard or outboard processing.  

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PreSonus Live: Today in P.A. Vol. 1.

Geschreven door peter op . Geplaatst in Nieuws, PreSonus

Live gestreamd op 11 aug. 2016

Tune in to check out the StudioLive RML rack mixers and the new line inputs, Studio One integration with UC Surface, and Studio One’s remote control of the RML’s signal processors and preamps. We’ll also take look at our new ULT loudspeakers, and why they are the coolest wood box on the market today… and an ideal match for the RML mixers. We’ll be joined by musical guest Jamal Batiste—a versatile and internationally-touring drummer, producer, and artist.

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