Vyrve Audio Atria

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Active 2-way stage monitor
– 8” woofer (paper cone/ferrite)
– 1″ tweeter (silk/neodymium)
– Output stage power: 60 W (LF) and 30 W (HF) sinus
– Frequency Response: 70Hz – 20kHz
– Input: Combo jack (XLR/1/4″ TRS)
– Output: 1/4″ TRS (for looping through the signal)
– Controls: treble, bass, volume
– Robust carrying handle
– Integrated 35 mm speaker flange for tripod mounting
– Power supply: internal power supply 220 – 240 V
– Dimensions: 310 x 248 x 403 mm
– Weight: 8.7 kg

Suggested street price: 219,00 euro including VAT

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Black Lion Audio Auteur MKIII

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The Auteur MK3 features 2 upgraded transformers by Cinemag, added switchable line input capability, removable rack ears, 1/4″ front inputs, a much nicer overall look and a great new retail box similar to the Revolution 2X2.
• 2-channel microphone preamplifier
• Modern IC-based front-end for fast and transparent sound
• Vintage-inspired transformer-coupled output-stage featuring Cinemag transformers for massive, colorful sound
• Line and Hi-Z input
• -10dB pad, 48v phantom power, and polarity reverse for each channel
• 62dB of gain
• Balanced TRS line outputs
• Removable rack ears included with 1U 1/2 rack compatibility

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Vyrve Audio Atria monitor

Geschreven door peter op . Geplaatst in Nieuws, Vyrve Audio

The new Vyrve Audio Atria can also be used as DJ monitor at your DJ booth.

As this floor monitor is made for singers, keyboard players etc on stage, it is also perfect to play just music on this is monitor. Monitor can also be used with a speakerstand.

And this monitor has a perfect suggested price of 219,00 euro.

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