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DJ setup with 2BOX drumit5 set: the new future?

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Store DJsounds, located in Rotterdam made for a special request: a dj set with 2Box drumit5 kit, this set is fully opensource and can be used to play live drums and samples. Aperfect combination with the Pioneer DJset
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Fluid Audio FPX7 as best monitor 2016

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We said: “The FPX7s are the only coaxial design monitors we’ve tested this year to bring ribbon tweeters to the table. This pays dividends in stereo imaging and off axis response, both of which are excellent. There’s some air I’m missing and some over-focus around 10kHz, but otherwise the HF is clear and detailed and the bottom-end is punchy and quite deep. The upper mids (around the crossover point of 3.5kHz) can overwhelm in a dense mix at volume. The Acoustic Space and HF Trim controls settle these into most spaces, though the power may not be enough for a large or heavily absorbent room. A solid pair of monitors.”

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