2box modules drumit5 mk2 and Drumit3 working with Toontrack

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Andre Vard from bionicsounds explain how to work with your 2Box e-drum module and Toontrack sd3 and ezd3.

Discover the easy way to get the perfect tuning of your e-drumset with presets in a drum software when you connect your drum module via midi.
André Vard shows how smoothly the Midi connection of the 2BOX DrumIt Five MKII module works with the drum production software Superior Drummer 3 from Toontrack and its smaller brother EZ Drummer 3.
Because in the Toontrack Drum Software for the 2BOX DrumIt Five MKII, for the 2BOX DrumIt Three Module and for the 2BOX Speedlight Kit with its own presets to choose from.
The focus is on the hi-hat, which poses the biggest challenge on an electronic drum kit if you want the transition from a closed hi-hat to an open hi-hat to sound as smooth as possible. Using the example of the hi-hat of the 2BOX Speedlight Kit, you can see and hear how perfectly the presets from Toontrack harmonize with the 2BOX hi-hat and immediately ensure a natural playing feel with authentic hi-hat techniques.

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