Do cables matter in your setup?

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Hosa Rech is manufacturer of all kind of different cables and adapters used for audio/video/power/computer etc.

Hosa Tech explains in a short video why your cables are important and to watch for what you need to buy.

Breaking down what a cable’s made of and why it makes a difference. For more information, visit Hosa Tech website at or just send us an email.

Dealers who are selling Hosa Tech Can be found here

Hosa Tech Modulair cables

More about History of Hosa Tech;
Founded in 1984 by Sho Sato, Hosa Technology established itself by bringing to the industry something it sorely needed: adaptors, many adaptors. Sato recognized most musicians and audio professionals find themselves in situations that require immediate fixes and having adaptors at reach can sometimes be what saves the night. This is the reason why, even now, many of Hosa’s original adaptors are still top sellers.

Interconnects and multi-channel snakes became synonymous with Hosa in recording studios of the ’80s and early ’90s. It was nearly impossible to walk into a recording studio and not find Hosa somewhere in the signal chain. Fast-forward to the present—when studios are compact and fewer cables are used—and you will still find Hosa in most of them. We understand electronics change and we must be able to change just as quickly. Our product assortment evolves and expands as new technology arrives to ensure consumers can always turn to Hosa for connectivity solutions.

As we turn to the future, Hosa stands firm on the promise to serve you, the customer. After three decades of hard work and dedication, Sato has passed the torch on to his daughter, Mayumi Allison, who shares the same competitive spirit of her father and wishes to make Hosa the go-to place for all connectivity needs. Her main goal—and that of the entire Hosa team—is to continue to live up to the mission of the company, providing solutions that fulfill Hosa customer needs through service and value.

Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce endorser of Hosa Tech Cables

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