2BOX TrigIt Trigger Set

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This Acoustic Trigger Set includes 4 Tom / Snare Trigger with dual sensor and a kick trigger. They can be used for the following applications:

• Silent Practice (easier on the nerves of the neighbors)
• MIDI recording (home recording studio)
• Sound diversity (Live on Stage)

With their rugged metal and plastic housing, they are durable and support a special sensor that tracks your playing dynamics at all times. These triggers will work with all types of drum modules, though the DrumIt sound modules are recommended for easy set up. Additionally, these triggers are long lasting, with a hot signal and the ability to read heads and rims separately on toms and snares.

== Product Features / Details of the 2Box TrigIt trigger: ==
• Satin-finished metal housing protects the sensor and looks elegant
• Special silicone coated hooks ensure stability and prevent scratching the metal hoops
• A special foam with “memory effect” allows constant pressure and perfect edition of the sensor
• The large long-life transducer (piezo) (similar to the 2BOX pads) provides a highly accurate trigger evaluation and the natural dynamic behavior
• The sideways mounted ¼ “jack prevents the Fallen Out of the cable and can be used with standard stereo cables.
• The second built-in piezo enables the separate processing of 2 independent trigger signals (fur and Rim)

== Kick Drum Trigger ==
Trigger Type: Kick
Number of Triggers: 1
Trigger Zones: 1
Connection: 1/4″ Jack
Transducer: 1 x Piezo
Controller: Foam
Attachment: Silicon Covered
Housing: Metal

== Snare/Tom Triggers ==
Trigger Type: Snare/Tom
Number of Triggers: 4
Trigger Zones: 2
Connection: 1/4″ Jack
Transducer: 2 x Piezo
Controller: Foam
Attachment: Silicon Covered
Housing: Metal