Avantone Kick

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Give your kick sound the subsonic signature it’s always wanted.

Avantone Pro Kick is a sub-frequency microphone that utilizies their famous reproduction “white cone” low-frequency driver. Kick brings the boom from your instruments out to the forefront, making large-sounding sources sound massive.
Not just any driver, but THE driver.

The Low Frequency driver is the AV10-MLF. It has a single continuous press formed cone to match that classic sound. This allows a much higher level of quality control and consistency during the manufacturing process.
Includes a heavy-duty stand.

The Kick utilizes a real wooden drum shell, and mounting it on a standard mic stand just won’t do. That’s why Avantone Pro included a stage-ready double braced drum stand. Whether you’re in the studio or on the road, the Kick is ready to deliver!

Delivers strong bass reproduction
AV10-MLF driver
Real drum shell

Type: Moving Coil Dynamic
Frequency Response: 50Hz-2,000Hz
Output Impedance: 6.3 O
Pattern: Figure 8
Element: AV10-MLF 18cm cone
Connector: Male XLR
Shell: Birch Ply
Drum Head: Mesh 10”
Size: 11.375” W; 11.375” H; 5.5” D (without stand)
Weight: 3.1kg; 6.8Lbs (without stand) / 4.6kg;10.1 lbs (with stand)