Chameleon Labs CL-7602 X-MOD

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The Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII with X-MOD Option X-MOD option adds high-end British input and output transformers from Carnhill/Saint Ives. These custom transformers give the 7602 MKII warm bottom end and smooth, gentle top that’s perfect for tracking or mixing.
  • Fully Balanced Mic Input transformer
  • Fully Balanced Line Input Transformer
  • Hi-Z Direct Instrument Input (TRS)
  • Fully Transformer Balanced Output
  • Discrete Class A Electronic Topology
  • 48V phantom power for mic input
  • 20 Position Swiss-made Mic/Line Rotary Switch
  • Selectable 300Ω or 1200Ω Mic Input Impedance
  • Inductor-based Equalization and High Pass Circuit
  • Power, Overload, Signal, and Peak LEDs
  • Reverse Phase Switch