Chameleon Labs 560EQ

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Chameleon Labs 560 EQ – Inductor Based 3-Band Equalizer The 560EQ from Chameleon Labs is a 500 Series module providing three bands of inductor-based equalization. The fundamental audio circuit was taken from the revered 7603 preamplifier and features Chameleon Labs’ ultra-low distortion, fully-discrete topology line-level input transformer and iron-core output transformer. All the passive components used in the 560EQ have been specifically designed for use with the available voltage rails and Chameleon’s unique audio signal topology. The low frequency band works in shelf mode with selectable frequencies of 40, 80, 160 and 320Hz. It provides a musical, velvety bass response that adds depth and dimension to the bottom end. The inductor-based mid-frequency filter supplies +/- 15dB of sweepable equalization with center frequencies of 700, 1.6k, 3.2k, 4.8k and 7k hertz. Inductors replace the standard capacitor-based circuitry because of the texture and sonic character that they provide when they commence saturation. The resistance of the inductor varies with voltage, which in turn provides vintage color and tonality when the resulting harmonics are introduced. This makes the 560EQ an ideal tool for bringing vocals forward and adding classic control to your recordings. The high frequency shelf filter can be set to 3.4k, 4.9k, 7k, 12k and 16k hertz and can be used between +/- 15 dB. It is also inductor based and can be used to fine tune presence and personality.
  • 500 Series Compatible Module
  • Chameleon Line Transformer
  • Inductor based High Pass Filter
  • Inductor based 3-Band EQ
  • Variable gain, low noise output stage with balanced transformer
  • By-Pass Switch


User Controlled Functions

  • High Pass Filter: 40, 80, 160 and 320 Hz
  • Low Frequency Filter Level Control: +15dB / -15dB Level Control
  • Low Frequency Shelving Filter: 35, 60, 110 and 220 Hz
  • Mid Frequency Filter Level Control: +15dB / -15dB Level Control
  • Mid Frequency Filter Selection: 700, 1.6k , 3.2k, 4.8k, 7.2kHz
  • High Frequency Filter Level Control: +15dB / -15dB Level Control
  • High Frequency Filter Selection: 3.4k, 4.9k , 7k, 12k, kHz
  • EQ Bypass: Push to bypass EQ


  • Green LED: Power On

Power Supply

  • 500 Series Standard: +/- 16 V DC