Ultrasone Signature Natural

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Modern mobile devices make music production independent of location and the new Signature Natural takes this into account in a special way. With an impedance of only 32 ohms, it can also be operated on the headphone outputs of smartphones and laptops without losing its reference quality.

Thanks to a specially developed earpiece geometry, the innovative S-Logic® concept includes the auricle in the sound image and thus enables a listening experience just like in the recording studio. This not only offers a unique listening experience, but also protects your hearing in the long term.

Dynamic drivers generate electromagnetic radiation during operation. In order to reduce these, the Ultra Low Emission Technology was developed.

Thanks to our passive noise cancellation, the Signature Natural enables undisturbed music enjoyment even in noisy environments.

Its ultra-stable, closed plastic housing can withstand even hard knocks with ease.v

The finest vegan leather ensures comfort on the head and ears.

Additional information

Technologie S-Logic 3
MU-Metall-Abschirmung ULE technology
Impedanz 32 Ohm
Treiber Mylar/Titan
Treiber Größe 40 mm
Magnet NdFeB
Frequenzgang 8 Hz – 40.000 Hz
SPL 98 dB
Gewicht (ohne Kabel) 310 g
Kabel detachable approx. 1.2 m cable, with microphone and remote, angled 3.5 mm plug, detachable approx. 1.2 m straight cable with 3.5 mm and gold-plated plug; Bayonet-connection to headphone, removable approx. ca.3m spiral with 6.3mm jack plug
Sonstiges Zubehör Spare earpads: vegan leather