Black Lion Audio Auteur MKII

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The Auteur MKII is a two channel preamp that features high-speed input stages that capture lots of detail and nuance, and transformer-coupled output stages that impart a nice touch of vintage vibe. It also features phantom power, phase, and a 10dB pad. It’s housed in a 1U, ½ rack chassis, and can be linked together with a second ½ rack unit by using the included connector plate.

The Auteur MKII has a revamped gain stage that results in higher gain, lower noise, lower distortion, and a more extended frequency response than the original design. Use it on drums for rotund results. Throw it on vocals for a silky polish. Hear guitars soar like never before. No matter what you use it on, the Auteur MKII will do the job like a pro!

Power: flip switch up to turn preamp on, flip switch down to turn preamp off
48V: engage to turn phantom power on, disengage to turn phantom power off
Gain: clockwise rotation yields an increase in output signal amplitude, counterclockwise rotation yields a decrease in output signal amplitude
Phase (Ø): engage to adjust input signal polarity by 180°, disengage to leave input signal polarity unchanged Pad: engage to reduce input signal amplitude by 10dBu, disengage to leave input signal amplitude unchanged

XLR In: balanced, mic-level XLR input
TRS Out: balanced, line-level TRS output
GND: internal chassis ground
AC In: 24VAC input jack (only use a BLA-specified power supply)

• Dual Channel
• Ultra High-Speed Input Stages
• Edcor Output Transformers
• 65dB Gain
• Extended Frequency Response
• Low Distortion & Noise
• Phantom Power
• Phase Switch
• 10dBu Pad
• XLR Microphone Input
• TRS Line Output (balanced)

Mic Section
Max Microphone Input Level: +1dBu
Input Impedance: 6000O
Pad: 10dBu
Gain (no pad): +14dB to +65dB
Equivalent Input Noise (noise floor): -108dBu
THD+N (@ +4dBu output):
• .0033% @ +10dBu Gain
• .0054% @ +24dBu Gain
• .0112% @ +32dBu Gain
• .027% @ +40dBu Gain
• .078% @ +50dBu Gain
• .21% @ +62dBu Gain
Bandwidth (1kHz, 150O source, unweighted): 10Hz to 30kHz

Output Section
• Max Output Level: +26dBu
• Output Impedance: 600O

Power Supply
• 24VAC, 500mA External Supply

Product Dimensions
• 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.75″

Product Weight
• 3.2 lbs

Shipping Dimensions
• 13″ x 13″ x 5″

Shipping Weight
• 6 lbs