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CTM CE320 earphones

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Clear Tune Monitors introduced their latest model CE320 with 3 drivers.

Suggested streetprice of 349,00 euro.

In-Ears are such an important component in live performances today, and for the longest time you’ve had to settle for subpar sound, so with that in mind we’ve created the CE320, our first entry-level in-ear with world-class sound.

Test it at your local dealer, you can find them here

The CE320 is a triple-driver earphone, which carries the same technology, components and engineered. It offers extremely clear and accurate sound with an enhanced presence of low frequencies, making it a smart choice for musicians as well as music lovers.

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Elite Acoustics Stompmix series

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Elite Acoustics introduce the new line of small mixers/effects. The Stompmix X4 and X6 are compact and easy for use.

The Elite Acoustics Stompmix X4 has a suggested streetprice of 359,00 euro.

The Elite Acoustics Stompmix X6 has a suggested streetprice of 649,00 euro.

More information about the Elite Acoustics Stompmix X4

More information about the Elite Acoustics Stompmix X6

NEW: 2Box Lightspeed kit

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Now ready and shipping is 2BOX’s newest baby: the five-piece ”SpeedLight Kit”. Its dual-zone drum pads are fitted with high-quality mesh heads; the dual-zone crash pad and triple-zone ride pad both feature a choke function. The compact and light-weight rack can easily be assembled and needs a floor space of just 1,20 x 0,70 m. The heart of the SpeedLight Kit is our world-class sound module “DrumIt Three”, which has been specifically configurated for the SpeedLight Kit: Plug’n’Play guaranteed. All necessary clamps and connection cables are included.

Click here for more information.

A suggested streetprice of 1299,00 euro incl VAT


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We like to invite you to visit the ISE2020 at Amsterdam, NL.

Hyperactive Benelux will be present with Tectonica Audio Labs at ISE2020. Tectonic Audio Labs will shown their latest revolution in compact PA systems for live, station, mosk etc etc. If you like a preview of their systems and possibilities please take a look at their website. See our invitation below.

Fluid Audio FX50 and FX80

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Fluid Audio introduce their new FX50 and FX80 coaxial speaker. An amazing sound for a great price.

The Fluid Audio F5 and FX8 where already one of the topsellers.

Everytime you see that Fluid Audio done it again, to build a great speaker for a reasonable price compare with other brands. They left brands behind like Kali, Yamaha, KRK, JBL etc.

Please click here if you wanna no more about specs of the Fx50 and FX80

The Fluid Audio FX50 has a suggested street price of 179,00 and the Fluid Audio FX80 has a suggested street price of 299,00. (price per piece, incl VAT)

Dealers can be found here

Artesia keyboards and piano’s

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We are proudly present Artesia keyboards and piano’s.

Artesia, one of the major established manufacturers of digital pianos, is now starting out with its product portfolio in Europe.

And we are pleased that we can now offer you attractive digital pianos, stage pianos and sensationally priced digital grand pianos (digital grand pianos). In general, Artesia pianos are extremely affordable and offer a first-class price / performance ratio.

Contemporary: all pianos have a USB interface and are recognized by computers and mobile devices with appropriate adapters without driver installation. By the way: In addition to the products mentioned above, Artesia also has three beautiful pianos for the children’s room as well as a high-quality oriental keyboard. We can also deliver these models immediately from stock.

Please click here to find more about their product range of keyboards and piano’s.

Click here for our dealers in the Benelux

review of Fluid Audio FX80 by Inside Audio

Geschreven door peter op . Geplaatst in Fluid Audio, Nieuws just released online their review of Fluid Audio FX80, for the dutch version just click on the picture below.

English review can be find here

Inside Audio is a young team comprised of audio fanatics. They started Inside Audio because there was no central Dutch-language hub for musicians to find the information they need. As a team, Inside Audio have the ambition to create an all-encompassing platform for musicians and the music industry.